The Breakfast Table

Have a Nice Day

Yes indeed, at the White House I bet there’s a whole lot of sharing going on.

This dispatch will make clear just how trivial my life is. To wit:

1. Just copy-edited my column for tomorrow and learned that the Globe allows no italicized phrases into its pages. In a piece about an important architect, I wanted to use the term tour d’horizon. But it can’t go in itals, so I asked, “well suppose I used the phrase ne plus ultra?” The glares from the copy editors said it all: You’re just the kind of pretentious idiot who would put that in the paper. Well, okay. What about the phrase soixante-neuf?

2. The only interesting thing I learned from reading the latest issue of Newsweek was that Nancy Reagan’s dog Rex died. Did they have that exclusively? Is this perhaps bad karma for Buddy? (Did you notice that the First Apologizer kept slobbering over “Buddy” in his widely re-broadcasted Orlando apology yesterday? It wasn’t the dog, but one of his hosts, I finally deduced.)

3. I have been trying to obtain the playlist for tonight’s MTV Video Awards, which are three hours long and run too late for my school-age children. I bearded one of our rock critics, who said MTV never releases the order of the acts–hey, why don’t I tape it? Because my VCR broke years ago and I’ve never forked out for a new one, that’s why.

Well, I know who Bo Dietl is, but you know what a filbert is.