The Breakfast Table

Crackpots, Landlords, and Polls

Hey Beam:

While you’re packing school lunches, let me just tell you that invective can be bracing! And please get word to Mr. L.J. Davis that Nick Negroponte is not the only “arrogant crackpot” around. (Do you think I can mention my starter husband at two separate Breakfast Tables without getting sued?)

You can forget about me as a conduit between you and Friedman. I’m sure it would be his great pleasure to put the both of us on permanent Hold. I of course am just goofing. I like Dick Friedman. And I also like hot water and electricity.

My poll in the Square, by the way, came out this way: four people said Clinton should call it a day, three said Starr is a horse’s patootie, four said Hillary must be some tough dame, and one said the Sandanistas had it all wrong. As you can see, I haven’t quite got it down about how to phrase a poll question.

Talk to you mañana after the bar mitzvah.