The Breakfast Table

Back in the Saddle

Hey Beam:

It is, indeed, good to be home. Consider the pace changed. It was nice about the baseball kid. And doubly so because he’s not, to my knowledge, seeing Monica Lewinsky…who, it is reported, has a crush on JFK, Jr. (Well, look, she’s consistent. He’s married.) As for the President we do have, as of 11:45 EST, his breakfast this morning was of more than passing interest. (Do you think waffles and syrup, or bagels and fat-free cream cheese?) Anyway, David Bonier, Democratic minority whip and good soldier met the waiting cameras to say that those assembled discussed “the President’s pain” as well as The Problem. And, oh yes, “his contrition and sorrow.” Bonier said the President knows “this issue will be raised for weeks, maybe months.” Honey, how about forever?

Now that everybody’s back in Boston, at least everybody in this e-exchange, how about a little Boston news? Our fellow Bostonian, Sumner Redstone, Viacom chairman and all around rich person, is reported by the New York Post to have a girlfriend. That is so adorable because he is so old. Do you think she likes his romantic side, or that he glued his American Express card to his forehead? The situation may be problematic for Mrs. Redstone–but then again, maybe not, because she is said to be gussying up their new apartment at the Pierre. (Not in Boston.) Let me tell you, picking those swatches can take up all your attention.

Also, my fellow Cantabridgian, Alan Dershowitz, has apparently had a makeover. Seeing him on the tube tells me is he dying his hair, for sure, and perhaps even straightening it. It just looks different, know what I mean? And some facial wrinkles and creases seem to have left the scene. I guess it just proves that legal scholars can be vain, too, and that not all cosmetic surgery consumers are at the Marla Maples end of the IQ scale. (Not that she’s had anything done, mind you. I was just referring to her head, not her face. Which makes me think now would be a good time to say to Professor Dershowitz, if he’s reading this, that my conjecture about his visage is just a first amendment musing based on perhaps faulty television transmission.)

Sort of like a New Year’s resolution, only without the bubbly, or maybe Lent in September, I have given up the Boston Herald. There are just too many papers coming into this house and you have to draw the line somewhere. Now I will have seven more minutes a day to do something else.

Catch you later.

xx Margo