The Breakfast Table

The World’s Still Turning

Comrade Alexei  (in honor of the mess.):

 I have just the news for you to give your right-wing brother. One of the websites, (not its real name) went with the intelligence that cocaine was found on The Dress. I don’t believe this one for a minute. I mean, the guy doesn’t even inhale.

I was not aware of the Dick Swett history–that our new Ambassador to Denmark said in ‘92 he’d stick with Clinton ‘till the last dog died. He might want to aim the car with the little American flag towards the nearest pet cemetery. Some of the new Ambassadorial appointments I do like, however. Mike Sullivan and Jane are going to Ireland.

Have you noticed how wonderful (or not) some heads are? The Boston Herald had the simply divine, “Merle was too Haggard to sing.” The New York Times had the anti-divine: “Market Selloff Could Forecast Trouble Ahead.” Well, duh. Aaron Zitner, from your paper, quoted a guy who makes sense. An economist, Roger Brinner, said that when the world looks crazy, people sell. “When people don’t understand the world, they get out of stocks.”

The Times, please note, refers to Monica S. Lewinsky–like maybe without the middle initial we wouldn’t know who she was. Maybe it’s a stylebook thing…And they ran a picture of the dead Princess in the TV section that now makes me think of her as the good-looking Tina Brown.

Not to seem totally flighty, let me call your attention to an important piece in the Sunday Globe about factoids, hype, and context. Like the black church-burnings in the South, the incidents of children killing children simply came in a bunch, rather than being the order of the day.

I’ve decided Wordsworth was one smart dude. One bon mot of his was certainly on the money. “The world is too much with us.” Ain’t it the truth?

xx Margo