The Breakfast Table

The End Is Near

Good morning, Erik–

I’m off to a truly late start this morning after a later than usual night holding the shaking hand of an author whose contract was yanked out from under a just-completed book. The editor who bought the book was fired, and the new editor could not care less and cancelled. It happens a lot–it’s a jungle out there.

Scanning the morning news for a hero and have lighted on the controlled anger of Scott Ritter, UN Weapons Inspector and this week’s Whistle Blower. You know how I feel about Whistle Blowers.

Locally, we have a nasty flap going on between our Mayor and the organizer of a black youth march in Harlem a week from tomorrow. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the march organizer, was thrown out of the Nation of Islam for his anti-Semitic and anti-white rhetoric. Muhammad is angry because the Mayor asked him not to make any ugly speeches during the march. Muhammad didn’t like this and called the Mayor a “cracker.” All I know is that no cars have been stolen off my block since shortly after Giuliani got elected and we can walk to Zabar’s without being hit on for a “sandwich” by people with their hand out and a vacant look in their eyes.

Would you like to comment on the e-mail our editor passed along regarding the murder of Sherice Iverson and the participation of Berkeley student David Cash. It would appear that Mr. Cash made some, shall we say, “insensitive” remarks for the record last July. It certainly puts a new light on the matter.

The ruble rubble piles up and barter seems to be the only way to survive. A man we met owns a radio station and uses the air-time as coin. His car, his cells phones, his restaurant tabs, fuel, rent and clothes all come from free advertising time. Not a dumb way to live.

Our movie fare this weekend seems to be Why Do Fools Fall in Love and the story of Studio 54 which follows a young hustler as he climbs from busboy to bartender. Have I found a short-haul arc?

Nurse says you can’t leave yet. Two more answers are needed.

I’m going to check the Dow and see about buying a radio station to pay the rent.