The Breakfast Table

Speaking In Tongues

Good evening David,

My reaction to the Clinton speech: he missed.

We didn’t get the masterfully manipulative speech we both expected. Instead he seemed wooden and angry and clearly felt he was a victim. He should have said he was sorry, made us all feel how embarrassing it was for his family, admitted he’d been a big fat pig, and not that he mislead “people” but that he mislead us, i.e. “you, the American people” and left it to others to defend him against the invasion of his private life.

Private life, by the way, is a phrase Clinton ought not to use. I believe what he said–that we shouldn’t have the kind of witch-hunt investigation into sexual behavior that Starr has launched. But when Clinton himself uses this terminology, it just reminds you that his idea of his private business is mauling a young intern in his office. It’s gross.

I have to announce I’ve won at least one point in our bet: he said his answers in the Paula Jones deposition “while legally accurate” were misleading–i.e. the wiggle defense.

The dress and the upshot aren’t clear yet. It’s been a depressing spectacle. I hope I at least get a great picture of you out of it.



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