The Breakfast Table

Now What?

Good morning David,

The papers are still full of the scandal today–pictures of the Clintons arriving on vacation, Chelsea looking beautiful getting off the plane, op-ed columns summing the whole thing up. (I’m with Maureen Dowd:  “You can think the notion of impeachment is ludicrous and still thank that Mr. Clinton has acted with monstrous selfishness. You can think Mr. Starr’s investigation has been scary and still believe that a President should tell Americans the truth at the first opportunity, not the last. You can think Linda Tripp rides on a broomstick and still believe that a President should not ask an intern to service him.”)

There’s a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal about United Technologies downsizing, firing people, and resorting to corporate espionage to try to limit damage from the Asian financial crisis. Farewell to job security in Asia–it’s more like the United States now, the authors say, as restructuring sets in.

The combination of the Clinton scandal and a teetering global market (despite the Dow’s rebound) makes this an uneasy morning.

yrs, Ruth