Snap Quiz!

Think Washington has degenerated into a giant game of “gotcha!”? Well of course it has! So you might as well play too, right? President Clinton will hold his first formal solo news conference of the year tomorrow, Thursday, April 30, at 2:00 P.M., EDT. Slate’s Chief Political Correspondent Jacob Weisberg will attend. Send Chatterbox ( the one question you would like Clinton to be asked. You can suggest questions that will illuminate oft-neglected areas of significant public concern, if you insist. Or you can search for the magic query that Clinton won’t be able to field, the stumper that will short-circuit his Flytrap evasions and reduce him to a convulsing mass of contradictions, forcing Michael McCurry to intervene and cancel the press conference as the President is helped from the stage muttering something about a conspiracy of gravelly-voiced outdoorsmen! You know which type of question Chatterbox is looking for! At the very least, entries should attempt to provoke a long pause and the presidential commendation “That’s gooood,” known in the trade as a Full Blitzer. Act instantly, before it’s too late! The most promising entries will be shown to Weisberg and … well, that’s all Chatterbox promises, that they’ll be shown to Weisberg. He’ll decide what to ask. Hey, he probably won’t even get called on!