Not a Real Column This Week, Just a Few Plugs

Not a real column this week, just a few plugs.

Not a Real Column This Week, Just a Few Plugs

The Breakfast Table,” our free-floating dialogue about whatever’s in the news this morning, got started a week late, but Andrew Sullivan and Katha Pollitt are e-mailing each other at a furious pace, making up for lost time. In fact, our “Dispatches and Dialogues” software blew a gasket, and we’ve moved this dialogue to the “Columns and Features” section.

You might also want to check Slate next week for two less jovial exchanges, both resulting from controversial Slate articles. Coming to “E-Mail to the Editors” will be the Norman Finkelstein and Adam Shatz dispute over Shatz’s critical review of Finkelstein’s critical book about Harvard Assistant Professor Daniel Goldhagen’s critical book about German anti-Semitism. (Got that?) And on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will post an exchange of views about Franklin Foer’s views about Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Disputes about Harvard professors are a regular feature of Slate, as they are of life.

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–Michael Kinsley