Le Monde and Ha’aretz, Home Delivery

“International Papers” by e-mail.

Le Monde and Ha’aretz Home-Delivered

By popular demand, we will begin twice-weekly e-mail delivery of “International Papers,” our survey of newspapers outside the United States, written (usually) by Alexander Chancellor (usually) in London. (Alexander’s “latest column” is a special dispatch from Havana on the newspaper scene, such as it is, in Cuba.) For now, at least, and starting next week, International Papers will be included as part of the Tuesday and Friday e-mail delivery of “Today’s Papers,” our daily survey of the five major U.S. newspapers, written by Scott Shuger. If you’re already a subscriber to Today’s Papers e-mail delivery, you’ll get International Papers automatically. If you’d like to sign up for e-mail delivery of both columns, click here. This service is free to Slate subscribers.

–Michael Kinsley