Name That Scandal

Millions of trees worth of newsprint are being wasted this week because the press does not have a short, handy phrase to describe the Jones-Lewinsky-Clinton-Sex-Perjury-Whatever scandal. In order to help save America’s forests, Chatterbox hereby sponsors a contest to come up with such a label. The winner will receive a copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, a near-exact replica of the volume the president (according to the New York Post) gave Lewinsky. We do not guarantee the winning name will stick, of course. A few years ago the New Republic decided the Reagan arms-for-hostages scandal should be known as “Iranamok.” Good name, but who remembers it except Chatterbox?

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P.S.: “Interncourse” and “Starr 69” are already taken. Words with “-gate” suffixes are strongly discouraged, unless they are incredibly witty.