Hey, Wait A Minute

Bill Clinton: My Story

Slate’s Washington editor attempts to clear the air.

I wish to issue a forceful denial of sexual relations with that man, President Bill Clinton. I never told anyone to lie about it. Any intimation that our relationship was improper will be a source of deep distress to me, to my husband of many years, and to other members of my family.

While I have met with the president at the White House on occasion, I did so only to discuss matters relating to family structure, teen-age pregnancy, and social consequences. Any elation or dishevelment observed in me upon leaving those meetings was strictly professional. I just have that kind of hair. All the White House faxes, memos, and other messages I have in my possession deal with subjects such as I detail above.

Ihave examined the five copies of the poetry of Khalil Gibran in my library and find no inscription from the president of the United States in any of them. All items of underwear in my possession were purchased either by me or by my widowed mother. While items of my clothing are currently at the cleaners, I can provide explanations for all the spots.

My recent orthopedic difficulties were in no way related to any unwillingness on my part to discuss these or any other matters with attorneys for Paula Jones, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, or the media.

I deny any implication that the character of Dave Cranston in my still-to-be-published novel, Secondary Powers, was based upon my intimate knowledge of any real person. Readers can judge for themselves.

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