The World Series

Dear Rick,

       Hey, you’re an American League guy. What’s with Ken Kaiser’s goatee? Has it affected his eyesight? At least he was “consistent”! That goatee makes him look like a professional wrestler from Rochester, N.Y.
       Speaking of umpiring, I thought it was in poor taste for NBC to roll the Don Denkinger 1985 World Series tape. I can hear them in the production meeting now, can’t you? “All right guys, don’t forget. If we get into the late innings and there is a controversial call, we’ve got the tape from ‘85.” And they probably added, “And we’re going to force it in no matter what.” It really makes me wonder where sports television is headed. With all the whistles and bells at the producer/director’s disposal, the production elements that we see are unending. And for whose benefit? Do we really need to see a thousand close-ups of the benches after every hitter? The replays are wonderful, but why not show us the best one first instead of last? I just think sports TV is produced for people in the business rather than for the fans. Call me old-fashioned, Rick, but I believe the game is the thing, and fans just want to see the game.
       Well, the Marlins did it. I was really hoping the Indians could pull it out in the bottom of the ninth, if only for Herb Score’s sake. Broadcasting his final home game after 34 seasons in Cleveland, a victory would have been a nice send-off to south Florida.
       Florida keeps its odd-game winning streak alive. They’ve won every one so far, and now stand just one win away from the championship.
       I think the Marlins would command more respect if they had “New York” or “Los Angeles” across the front of their uniforms rather than “Florida.” This is a quality baseball club that sure made a believer out of me after the National League Championship Series. They just keep finding ways to win.
       I’m looking forward to Saturday, but something tells me we’ll be watching Game 7 Sunday night.

Have a great weekend,