Search for tomorrow.

Search for Tomorrow

We are pleased to introduce, as of sometime Friday, Aug. 22, Slate Search 2.0–a new, improved version of our search function. In addition to a normal text search of the entire site, Slate Search 2.0 will allow you to:

Search all Slate articles, present and past;

Search for articles by a particular author, or get a list of all Slate authors;

Search for articles in a particular department, or get a list of all Slate departments;

Search for articles that ran on or around a particular date.

A simplified search function (Slate Search Lite) will appear on the bottom of every new page from now on, and the full-featured search is available on the Search Page. There is also a page of Search Hints.

In short, you no longer have an excuse not to explore the riches of Slate, past and present, whenever the need arises for insight on any aspect of the human condition. Please give it a try.

But Wait. There’s More!

Our crack development team (that is, our development team that is crack, not our team developing crack) is hard at work on Slate Search 3.0. This upgrade will allow you to:

Search for words that rhyme with a particular word, or get a list of all words;

Search for articles of a particular ideological slant or cultural preference (such as a prejudice against Norwegian movies);

Search for articles by authors who have been divorced, have red hair, or voted Republican in at least three but not more than five of the past six presidential elections;

Search for condescension, sentimentality, irony (with separate options for intentional and unintentional), pandering, obscurantism, and puns;

Search for hidden codes that prove the existence of God;

Search for “666,” hotlinks to Netscape, and other evidence of Satan worship;

Search for obsequious references to Bill Gates.

This will be a marvelous new tool, produced by a marvelous company. Is Bill Gates a great guy, or what?

–Michael Kinsley