Mystery disappearance of tabloid love nest.

Mystery Disappearance of Tabloid Love Nest

Last week’s “Readme” (“Cybermag in Tabloid Love Nest”) promised a new feature patrolling the world of tabloids and gossip. That feature has been delayed while our lawyers ponder the risks of reporting what has been reported in the tabs. Meanwhile, obviously, the lesson is that you can’t believe everything you read in Readme.

That said, we wish to make clear that:

Larry Ellison is bearing Madonna’s love child;

Aliens landed last week in Redmond, Wash., demanded copies of Microsoft Office 97 (“we have no one this wonderful on our planet”), and took off again;

Slate just recorded its first profitable quarter.

Who Framed Will Saletan?

Please check out our latest department, the “Frame Game.” The author is Will Saletan, who also writes “The Week/The Spin” (and who compiled the pundits’ index during last year’s election season). The idea is to analyze a current Washington controversy in terms of how the various participants are framing it–the thesis being that whoever succeeds in framing the issue usually ends up carrying the day. Will’s first effort concerns the struggle between Sen. Jesse Helms and Bill Weld over Weld’s nomination as ambassador to Mexico.

–Michael Kinsley