No. 1 Woods

We’re as impressed with Tiger Woods as the next guy, but the next guy is apparently not the editor of the Washington Post. Woods is competing in this week’s U.S. Open, held at a country club just outside the Beltway, and the Post has gone into the tank for Tiger. Since Sunday, the paper has run 25 photographs of the young golfer, including four pictures on the front page, five on the sports front page, four on the Style front page, and one on the cover of the Sunday magazine. (Not to mention two photographs of Tiger’s gallery, a photograph of his mom, and a photograph of people taking photographs of him. The Post has also written 13 stories about him.) Woods shot 74 in his opening round on Thursday, tying him for 79th place with such luminaries as Eric Brito, Jim Furyk, and Dennis Trixler. But the lousy score didn’t deter the Post. On Friday, the paper ran five photographs of Tiger, including a front-pager.

Chatterbox would say that the Post’s treatment of Woods is just about par, but headline writers at USA Today, the Washington Post, and a hundred other newspapers beat us to it.