The dog ate our contents.

(290 words; posted Saturday, Jan. 25; to be composted Saturday, Feb. 1)

The Dog Ate Our Contents
     The new, improved Table of Contents we promised last week–full of innovative features such as your choice of delicious toppings, an Ideological AutoCorrect feature, and live video straight into each writer’s heart–has been unavoidably postponed. ‘Slate, as we say around here. We hope to have it up and running next week. Why the delay? We’d rather not get into it, except to say: Best wishes, Oswaldo, for a speedy recovery.

Washington Week in Review
     If you missed S
LATE’s online coverage of the inaugural week festivities in Washington, take this opportunity to catch up. We had two reporters filing every day. Jacob Weisberg was our Mr. Outside, Karenna Gore was our Ms. Inside. And now, the voice of history: Herbert Stein has written a postscript to his recent essay reviewing presidential inaugural addresses, to include Clinton II. His conclusion: “average, very average.” But Herb grades on a tough curve, as he explains.
SLATEReading Tip
     Our recent reader survey revealed that a large fraction of those who take our weekly e-mail delivery of S
LATE choose to read the file on their computers (offline but on-screen). The document file we send by e-mail is designed to be printed out, and is formatted in two columns per page to look attractive on paper. But this might be more of a hindrance than a help if you’re reading it on-screen. There’s an easy solution: Just click on “View” and select “Normal” (rather than “Page Layout”). S LATE will be served up to you as one long, glorious (we hope) stream of text. If you haven’t yet signed up for (free) e-mail delivery, do that here. Naturally, we’re grateful for readers–no matter how they choose to read us.

–Michael Kinsley