Instant SLATE.

(585 words; posted Friday, Oct. 4)

Instant SLATE
     Unless you’re lucky enough to have a corporate LAN or some other fancy Internet connection, the most irritating thing about the Web is how long it takes for pages to download. Wouldn’t it be swell if even those with 14.4 modems could click around S
LATE without that agonizing delay? Well, now you can. Beginning this week, S LATE offers (free) a piece of software called FreeLoader, which sets up your computer to download S LATE automatically whenever you choose–in the middle of the night, for example. (This is the actual S LATE Web site itself, not our special print-out file.) Once S LATE is on your own computer, you can read it at your leisure, without those delays, and without running up online charges. FreeLoader can be customized in many ways, but as originally set up, it will download a selection of between three and four newer S LATE articles every day, plus a special S LATE FreeLoader contents page. Using a button on that page, you can easily schedule weekly downloads of the entire magazine. (You can also use FreeLoader to download other Web sites.) But a warning is appropriate: Not everything about FreeLoader is easy or simple. So read the instructions from S LATE, and from FreeLoader, a bit carefully. Click here to give FreeLoader a try.