Digital City–Paris, 1811

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Louis Seize style is dead, dead, dead! Let Alphonse de l’Airkisse do your apartment over, comme il faut! Gondola beds and prissy little clawfoot nightstands–while they last!

Pop-Sondage! Has Napoleon Gone Too Far?
  • Non! Marshal Kutuzov is a big fat idiot.
  • Oui! Erect a triumphal arch and bring les garcons home.
  • Franzosiche Grammophon Culturel Imperialismus Watch:

    Why didn’t a good Frenchman like Hector Berlioz compose the “Emperor” Concerto, or the “Napoleon” Symphony? Click here for answer.

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  • Salon Numero Deux: Madame Recamier: Talk dirty to me! (Portrait art)
  • Salon Numero Trois: Empress Josephine: Talk carefully to me! (ditto)
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  • Is Tolstoy paid by the word?
  • What’s the difference between an obelisk and an odalisque?
  • Who lost Egypt?
  • Whose side is Lafayette on, anyway?
  • Pop-Sondage! Should We Build an Eiffel Tower?
    • Non! It’s too expensive!
  • Oui! Anglo-Saxon tourists will pay to daguerreotype it.
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