Podcast Producer, What Next

This position is no longer open.

Slate is hiring a producer to join the tightknit, scrappy team pioneering Slate’s daily news podcast What Next.

We’re looking for someone who loves the news and has an audio background. Maybe you’ve taught yourself how to edit audio because you got obsessed with radio stories. Maybe you found yourself drawn to podcasts because they offered a bit more intimacy than radio. You don’t have to be a journalism school graduate, but you should be a student of the news, examining how different outlets attack the same story. You are not exhausted by this news cycle—you are energized by it.

The right person for this job can deal with change—our show is still in its first year, and it’s still evolving. You don’t take yourself seriously, but you’re passionate about the work. You’re kind and generous with your colleagues, but you can articulate your concerns and solve problems as they crop up.

And lastly, what we really want is a producer who knows that this job isn’t merely a stepping stone. You’re committed to making What Next fantastic. This is a great opportunity to help shape a show in its infancy, and you want to know what that’s like.

Key responsibilities:

• Work on a team to shape each day’s show: identify the top news stories every day and monitor stories that might become more urgent. Keep an eye out for stories that are fascinating but underexplored.
• Find and pitch guests who can speak with verve and break down intimidating stories
• Edit audio quickly and flawlessly on Pro Tools
• Cultivate our network of friends of the show. You are a collector of fun people, you are a natural casting director, you are helping our host put together the best daily party available for download.
• Take regular turns on a late shift to post the day’s show


The successful candidate has:

• At least one year of experience in hard news
• At least three years of experience in audio editing. Excellent digital audio editing skills on Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, or Hindenburg.
• An abiding love for wallowing in tape. You will have to do a lot of audio editing.
• Excellent writing and communication skills
• Great news judgment
• Humility. We are assembling a team of X-Men, and everyone has a superpower, but you must respect your team and the outer bounds of your knowledge.

This is a position covered under a collective bargaining agreement between Slate and the Writers Guild of America East.

Slate is committed to excellence through diversity, which involves attracting talented people from diverse backgrounds and traditions. We encourage everyone to apply.

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