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Slate is a multimedia digital publishing company focused on covering culture, technology, politics, current events, and business. Over the past 20 years, our smart, witty takes have been recognized with numerous accolades and have won us industry recognition, including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence Online. Our readers are aggressively curious about the world—and so are our employees.

If you love Slate and are incredibly talented, maybe you should work for us. Slate just so happens to be hiring.


Client Services Manager - Brooklyn


Associate Producer, Platforms - Brooklyn
Associate Producer, Platforms - D.C.
Executive Producer, Slate Podcasts - D.C. or Brooklyn
Executive Producer, What Next - Brooklyn
Part-Time Editorial Assistant - Brooklyn
Podcast Producer, Business - Brooklyn
Staff Writer, Culture
Staff Writer, Technology


No current openings.


Senior Sales Representative for Supporting Cast
Software Engineer - D.C.


D.C. Editorial Intern
Illustration Intern - Brooklyn

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