Dear Prudence

The Slate Quiz: Dear Prudie Edition

Test your knowledge of the best letters in Dear Prudie’s 25-year history.

Some yarn, a woman facing away, and a bat
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images Plus.

This column is part of Advice Week, Slate’s celebration of all things advice.

How well do you know Dear Prudence? Our columnists have heard it all over the years, dispensing advice in even the most bizarre of circumstances. As part of Slate’s Advice Week, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite questions—and we’re testing whether you can predict the advice our columnists gave.

An encyclopedic knowledge of the archives will help you out, but a knack for deftly handling situations will also get you far on this quiz. So, for each of the following questions: What did Prudie tell the letter writer to do?