Dear Prudence

It’s Advice Week! We Have Big Plans for You.

That’s right! Even more advice.

New year, same problems with an exclamation point.
Photo illustration by Slate.

It started with a simple question: Should I still open the car door for my date or do power locks make that act unnecessary?

Dear Prudence was born more than 25 years ago—on Dec. 20, 1997—when Herbert Stein advised that power locks had not killed the need for chivalry. Over those two and a half decades, Slate’s advice columns have grown substantially. We’re on our fifth Prudence, Jenée Desmond-Harris, who answers your questions every day of the week. We’ve launched three other thriving advice columns—Care and Feeding, How To Do It, and Pay Dirt—to tackle more problems about parenting, sex and relationships, and personal finance. All told, millions of readers now come to Slate to read an advice column every week.


It’s January, and whether you stand by resolutions or not, we’re all better for shedding those messy problems still plaguing us from years prior. So this week, our columnists will try to help you do just that, while celebrating our advice columns and supercharging our offerings in the process. That’s right! Even more advice. We want to thank our loyal advice readers for their support and hopefully introduce ourselves to some new readers, too. (And you can help: Share your favorite advice column with a friend!)

This week, you’ll get:
• Special guest Dear Prudence columnists
• Columnist swaps: Your favorites are trading their usual columns for something new
Unsolicited Advice from Dear Prudence: A new feature where Jenée takes a commonly submitted question (like how to break up with a friend) and gives you the script for making it happen
• Special games to test how well you really know your advice
• Collections of our favorite advice questions of all time
• Q&As with a few of our columnists
• And an exclusive virtual event for Slate Plus members with Jenée, Jamilah Lemieux, Rich Juzwiak, and Elizabeth Spiers.

We’re so excited for you to read these special features and to let us know what you think. And if you ever have a problem, you know where to find us.

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