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Help! I Think My Husband Cheats at Wordle.

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Q. Wordle mansplaining: My husband and I do the daily Wordle together. We have almost always gotten it in three or four guesses; even when I’m the one to come up with it, his previous guess led me to it. Naturally, I thought he was very good at this.

A friend suggested that he was cheating and looking at the answer earlier. She showed me a way to play with a random word, and sure enough my husband is not so good at those. I haven’t confronted him, but he must realize that the jig is up.

Considering that he did this for months, how else might he be fooling me? Would it be silly to talk to a divorce attorney?

A: I was initially surprised by how quickly this escalated, but then I remembered every single game night I’ve had with friends and partners and realized this is exactly how it goes: One minute someone is hiding money under the Monopoly board and the next minute it’s Kramer vs. Kramer.

All that being said, I don’t think you need to dissolve your union just yet. People do such strange things when it comes to Wordle. I can’t fathom why he’d want to go through the trouble. But apparently he did. You should confront him and make sure the lies are solely related to 5-letter words. And you should start doing the daily puzzle on your own.

Classic Prudie

My girlfriend of 10 months and I have pretty different upbringings: She has rich, divorced parents; an elderly aunt raised me. I never gave our backgrounds much thought until recently, but I have noticed a pattern. Several times when my girlfriend has fallen behind on her obligations, she will call up her mother or father and get them to send her money. The first time it was a car repair bill, which seemed reasonable. But then it was the musical festival, the out-of-town concert, and then a huge shopping trip. Last time, I was helping fix her computer and her roommate complained about late rent. My girlfriend picked up the phone, dialed her dad, and started fake sobbing.