Look Incredible on Zoom With This Combination Phone Holder–Ring Light, Now on Sale

The Purada phone stand and ring light, against an orange background.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Purada.

Why you want this: Even at this late pandemic date, you may still be figuring out your ideal video conferencing setup, and may not have been aware that your smartphone camera is likely the highest-resolution one you own. The webcams on most recent laptop models and basic external models are 720 pixel resolution versus new smartphones, whose cameras generally have 1080p.

That said, we’re all aware of how unflattering phone angles can be when you’re just holding the device near your face or peering down at it propped on a PopSocket. Enter this two-armed ring light and cellphone stand.


What the experts say: Vogue’s Lilah Ramzi writes, “After ordering and receiving my stand and then following a delightfully easy set up that included clamping the stand onto a table and plugging in the light … I Zoomed like a pro.”


What the people say: Many useful features. (“Purchased this for something cheap to help make TikTok videos look better. The clip makes it easy to attach wherever you need it, and the fact that is has a phone holder is a life saver. The light settings are awesome—you can change the type of light and adjust the intensity. Great buy!!”)

This Selfie Ring Light With Cellphone Holder is now $21 for Amazon Prime members, or 20 percent off the regular price.