Bury Your Worries Under a Weighted Blanket, Now on Sale

Folded weighted blanket on top of a folded comforter
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Quility.

Why you want this: Along with meditation apps and CBD oils, weighted blankets have become one of the buzzier wellness products on the market. There isn’t yet much scientific research explicitly demonstrating the health benefits of the product; however, they make a kind of intuitive sense if you’re the type of person who enjoys a tight hug or being swaddled. And the sheer number of happy customers suggests there’s a benefit for many, even if the exact biological response is still undetermined.

To wit: The Quility Weighted Blanket has 21,699 reviews on Amazon, with the majority of people finding it aids sleeping or is generally soothing. If you’re not sure how you’d respond, Slate science writer Shannon Palus suggests that you can first test your response by piling on a few heavy blankets you already own. If you like that experience, but want something simpler and cooler, then a weighted blanket may be for you.

What the experts say: James Brains, writing for Business Insider, says of the Quility Weighted Blanket: “The first couple of times I got under the blanket, I was asleep within two or three minutes. This included an unplanned nap. I never have trouble falling asleep with the Quility blanket. Instead, between the weight and the super soft and luxurious minky cover, I find it’s so cozy that I don’t want to get out of bed.”

What the people say: Can soothe the anxious. “I’m a senior in college and have a lot of anxiety and racing thoughts at night. This blanket actually makes me happier, calmer, and sleep deeper. … If you are the type of person who enjoys being swallowed in blankets, this is for you! When I use my blanket on the couch, I feel more relaxed and comfier than I usually do with just a regular blanket.”

Can make for more comfortable sleep. “I have many health issues including severe chronic insomnia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back issues, neuropathy, etc. It’s definitely a big help and the weight doesn’t cause issues with my fibro, and I wake up much less achy all over than usual.”

The Quility Weighted Blanket is now $61, or 32 percent off the regular price.