Grind Your Way to Deliciousness With This Mortar and Pestle, Now on Sale

A ChefSofi mortar and pestle set.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by ChefSofi.

Why you want this: A mortar and pestle may seem like an unnecessarily analog kitchen implement, but it is, in fact, the best tool for releasing all the oils and extracting all the flavors from many ingredients. You can use the tool to whip up everything from pesto to hummus to mojitos. This granite model has the desired heft of high-quality versions but at a much lower price than you will usually find.

What the experts say: The Spruce Eats named this mortar and pestle the best overall pick, writing: “The set weighs in at 7 pounds. A heavy pestle like this one combined with the rough-textured surface of the bowl lets you easily grind whole spices to a fine powder without chasing them around the interior.”

What the people say: A versatile kitchen tool. (“This is a great and practical kitchen tool for crushing and grinding dry and/or wet ingredients. A spice grinder or coffee grinder can work very well for dried herbs and lighter, woody type spices, but it will not cope well with hard grains, seeds, salt, nor even particularly well with some other dried ingredients such as whole hot chilies. For moist ingredients such as fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and liquids such as oil and vinegar, you would need something like a food processor as well. This mortar and pestle set can serve as both, and being used via a manual process, lets you adjust and grind things to your taste and consistency preference.”)

This mortar and pestle set is now $25, or 39 percent off the regular price.