Crocs, the Unofficial Shoe of the Pandemic, Are Now on Sale (in Cantaloupe!)

A single Crocs sandal in a cantaloupe color
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo via Crocs.

Why you want these: The American populace has had a love-hate relationship with Crocs since they arrived on the scene in 2001, but these days they are back in favor. The COVID-19-spurred era of padding endlessly around our houses and gardens has been a boon to the comfy foam footwear. In March of this year, the NPD Group reported that Crocs were the only footwear brand surveyed to record sales growth, 14 percent over the same month in 2019. It makes sense—staying at home more has freed people from having to make mental calculations about style versus function, and allowed them to sink into squishy comfort.

What the experts say: In our house slippers roundup from earlier this year, Adriana Schwarz wrote: “Are Crocs a fashion statement? Are they chic? The truth is, I still don’t know. But I am a convert: They are incredibly comfortable, light, durable, and easy to clean. They are almost dependable, more like a trusty sidekick than a shoe. And just wait until you try them with socks on.”

What the people say: Supportive and easy to clean. (“I finally bought a pair because I am now swimming regularly and needed shoes that could get wet at the pool. I hate flip flops, which abrade the tender area between big toe and second toe. Well, I bought the Crocs, and they are awesome! Very comfortable. I have arthritis in my feet and the Crocs are surprisingly supportive. I wear them for long drives. They are great at the dog park or in the back yard where I am likely to step in something that is very difficult to clean off sneakers but comes off easily with a hose or a wipe from my clogs.”)

Cantaloupe-colored Crocs now start at $30, or up to 34 percent off the regular price. (Price varies by color and size.)