Our Favorite Outdoor String Lights Are Now on Sale

A detail of 48-ft. Addlon outdoor string lights

Why you want this: In the past few months, as the outdoors have become the primary venue for COVID-conscious socializing, we’ve extensively covered how to outfit your yard or patio for entertaining. After drinks and chairs, lighting is the next essential item for hosting outside. Addlon string lights have been our go-to recommendation because of their reasonable price and attractive design. They are easy to install, with little loops that allow them to hang from hooks or zip ties. In our guide to outdoor summer entertaining, we wrote, “Installing permanent outdoor lights is a major expense and project, but these string lights could not be easier to hang, and they bring an instant festive atmosphere to your space.”

What the people say: They are durable. “The price is right and [the] light set is well made and appears heavy duty. The [lightbulbs] are a great size and provide the perfect outdoor patio lighting. The light strings can be added together for as much lighting as you need. We have put them along our fence and on our trellises. We live in Florida, and our weather can be very hot and often very wet, and our lights have never failed in the past three months.”

They cast pleasant-looking light. “Very easy to assemble & hang. Really nice warm (unlike bright white LED lights), ambient glow from the lights and creates perfect mood lighting to any deck, patio, etc.”

The Addlon Outdoor String Lights are now $39, or 22 percent off the regular price.