Make Your Bike Rides Safer With This Handlebar Mirror, Now on Sale

A bike mirror with a biker's reflection in it on a teal background.
Photo illustration by Slate

Why you want this: In a summer during which more and more people are using bicycles for daily transport rather than just for recreation, it makes sense to invest in gear that makes it easier to ride alongside traffic. In addition to other useful safety accessories like lights and bells, a handlebar mirror is another relatively simple addition that allows cyclists to see approaching vehicles.

What the experts say: In their review of the best handlebar mirrors, BestReviews writes that you should try and find the sturdiest possible mirror, with housing that can protect the lens and stand up to bumps in the road. They describe the Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror as a rugged option that can take a beating, with a stainless steel lens that won’t break and doesn’t scratch.

What the people say: Provides a good view. (“These mirrors are great. I bought two and installed them on the drops. They’re out of the way and allow me to see approaching vehicles from behind. The reflection is sufficient for my cycling needs, and the size is large enough that I can decipher dropped cyclists and approaching vehicles.”)

Easy to adjust. (“To my surprise, the line of sight was not a problem. The mirror adjusts easily to every angle up and down, side to side, and in between. Once you get it where you want it, it stays there, even over cobblestones. I have had bumps in the road that caused my water bottle to come out of its cage, but the mirror did not move!”)

The Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror is now $15, or 25 percent off the normal price.