Your Feet Will Thank You for Buying These House Shoes

Various types of slippers
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As we shelter in place at home, our feet are taking a beating. Barefoot walking leads to foot pain and cold toes, and overuse breeds holes in our favorite socks. You could wear “outside” shoes indoors, but those bring in dirt and are a potential germ vector. Considering all this, it might be time to embrace the “house shoe.” We’ve consulted our experts on staff who converted to wearing indoor shoes long ago. Here are their tried-and-true house shoe and slipper recommendations.


I hate walking around my apartment barefoot. My feet are always cold indoors, even in summer, and my heels can only take so many steps on the hardwood floors. Now that I’m using a makeshift standing desk at home, foot support is more important than ever. But I’m not about to wear actual shoes—don’t be ridiculous! Instead, I’ve been living in these sheepskin slippers. They’re soft as hell, plenty breathable for all-day wear, and just snug enough to make my feet feel put-together for work. They’re slightly supportive but not at all constricting, like a bralette for my feet. —Christina Cauterucci, staff writer

I know I’m not the only one turning to the movies, television, and music of the Before Times as a source of comfort in this uncertain and stressful period. Another way I’m leaning hard into nostalgia is by wearing cat slippers every day. Something about their absurd little furry faces reminds me that I can take a moment to smile and breathe throughout my workday. I particularly love the absurdity of the tails on the back of these slippers. —Madeline Ducharme, production assistant, Slow Burn Season 4

I’m crazy for sneakers—I have about 50 pairs—and most have been sitting dormant in my closet for the past two months. Luckily, my niece gifted me Yeezy-inspired house shoes. They’re cozy and soft, and most importantly, they make me feel fashionable in front of my pet fish and plants! They’ve got me thinking it’s time to start building up my house shoe collection. —Alessandro Espiritu, senior client services manager

Walking around barefoot on my hardwood floors all day started to cause me pain, so I purchased these Ugg Cozette slides in black. The thick sole has provided enough support to make my feet and back stop hurting. Not only are they comfortable—they are easy to slip on and not too warm to wear in the spring and summer. The classic color allows them to blend in as a stylish sandal when I accidentally slip out wearing them in public! —Molly Gallagher, programmatic account manager

As someone who suffers from Raynaud’s, which leaves my hands and feet cold no matter the weather, Ugg slippers have changed my life. They’re pricey, but worth it. I love that they feature sheepskin lining that keeps your feet toasty no matter the temperature outside, and the bottom of the slipper is rubber to prevent any slipping (making them great for little ones too). My most recent purchase was the Cozy Knit, but the Tasman is also a win. I cannot recommend these slippers enough—they’re so cozy that even my boyfriend steals mine! —Amanda Godman, publicist

How comfortable are these warm-weather linen Apika house slippers? I packed them in my hospital bag when I gave birth to my daughter. They’re not exactly stylish—let’s just say they looked right at home in the hospital. But these slides are not about style. They’re about performance: They are built to help you shuffle around indoors with maximum ease. Think of them as Adidas sandals for someone who has no interest in leaving the house. —Ruth Graham, staff writer

Fully waterproof house shoes are ideal when you have a toddler who has just learned to urinate outside but has also been told not to urinate in his own shoes. Instead, he can go on your Profi-Birkis! Then you can make him wash them out in the sink with soap and water because they are just made of polyurethane. They’re fully enclosed, which is great for when you’re grilling and that same child hocks a baseball at your crotch just as you’re lifting something greasy and it spills hot grease on your foot. (In Crocs, that hot grease would go right through the holes and leave you scarred for life.) They are also a joy in the rain. While your small people stomp in their boots so much they fill with water, these slip-ons can spill water out the back with a simple high leg stretch. Truly a great shoe. An added bonus in these times? How easily they wipe down with Clorox wipes. —Greg Lavallee, director of technology

I bought a blue version of these slippers a few years ago at DSW, and they were a bit of an impulse purchase. But lately I wear them practically every day. I love the warm signature Ugg fuzz on the inside, and I particularly enjoy the fact that they have a real sole on the bottom, in case I venture out in them to get the paper or take out the trash. —Jess Miller, producer

I used to hate Crocs. I thought they were ugly, and I couldn’t imagine wearing them. But when I saw someone wearing ballerina-pink Crocs, I began to wonder: Are Crocs a fashion statement? Are they chic? The truth is, I still don’t know. But I am a convert: They are incredibly comfortable, light, durable, and easy to clean. They are almost dependable, more like a trusty sidekick than a shoe. And just wait until you try them with socks on. —Adriana Schwarz, marketing manager

I love being barefoot. My feet have always sought freedom from socks, straps, and laces. When I was a kid, I would get in trouble for taking my shoes off outside and abandoning them, or promptly misplacing them when I came inside. Basically, being home meant being barefoot and happy. A few years ago I developed some heel pain that required a cushion between my feet and the floor. I began a quest for a house slipper that would let me feel barefoot yet protected. I eventually discovered Adidas slides, and I’ve never looked back. These slides are the most comfortable thing I own, and they’re kind of cute. I own two pairs: purple ombre and silver glitter. I put them on first thing in the morning and wear them as much as possible, which is pretty much all the time now that I’m working from home. —Faith Smith, executive producer, Slate Live

A few years ago, my partner and I hosted some friends whose visit fell during my birthday. They wanted to bring me a gift but needed something that didn’t take up too much room or add too much weight to their luggage and was relatively impersonal, since they didn’t know whether I’d gained or lost weight since they’d last seen me. Their choice was perfect: Haflinger slippers. I’ve always enjoyed the home-now ritual of shedding hard, uncomfortable street shoes and donning soft, squishy slippers, but before Halfingers, my indoor shoes were just flimsy facsimiles of outdoor wear. Halfinger slippers are strong enough for the streets but soft enough for the sofa. They are incredibly comfortable, amazingly resilient (even wearing them for 15 hours a day, they last for a very long time), and—something I never thought I’d say about slippers—I feel like a fancy lady when I’m wearing them. —June Thomas, senior managing producer, Slate Podcasts