This $10 Facial Sunscreen Dries to a Satin Finish

A bottle of Olay SPF 35 sunscreen lotion.
Photo illustration by Slate. Image via Procter & Gamble.*

Why you want this: Finding a facial sunscreen can be an involved process, as many people seek products that are neither sticky, nor greasy, nor streaky. The Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen seems to be the answer for skincare enthusiasts and makeup lovers alike, who praise this sunscreen’s quick absorption and matte dry.

What the experts say: Cosmopolitan calls the Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen the best sunscreen for oily skin, writing, “The lightweight texture feels almost like a serum, meaning it absorbs instantly (without any oil slicks), and is infused with micro-fine powders that help keep shine in check throughout the day.” Similarly, Good Housekeeping says that their beauty testers highly praised its “silky, non-tacky feel.”

What the people say: Holds up in humid climates. (“Living in the Caribbean with 100 percent humidity and tons of sun, this is a must have for a makeup lover. With a decent amount of SPF this does not leave a white cast on my skin at all. It goes on nice and smooth and dries to a satin finish.”)

The Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen is $10, or 58 percent off the normal price.

Correction, April 29, 2020: A photo credit on this page originally misspelled Procter & Gamble.