Kids Can Stay Active Inside With These Colorful Yoga Activity Blocks, Now on Sale

Yoga activity blocks for kids.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Amazon.

Why you want this: Developing strength and balance through yoga is valuable for people of all ages. However, a quiet, focused workout is understandably less appealing to children. These yoga blocks turn the practice into a fun game—with a dice-like roll of the two foam blocks, you get a pose on one block and the length of time to hold it on the other. The poses are illustrated with simple diagrams and given the name of an animal that makes a similar movement.

What the experts say: Toy review site TTPM calls the Alex Active Yoga Activity Blocks “a fun, introductory game.” They write, “It’s not designed to be competitive, as children can play alone or with friends. The poses are easy enough for preschoolers, and the fun colorful graphics, and basic animal names make it appealing to play. It offers a nice challenge, and a great way to get little bodies moving.”

What the people say: Simple fun with no cleanup. (“These are incredible. My son is 3 and this is one of his favorite things to play. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t make a mess, it helps him learn to balance and be calm and it is FUN. Even for the adults that play along!”)

Helps kids relax on their own. (“My daughter just turned 6 but loves to do yoga (they did it in preschool every day). It helps her calm down when she is worked up, but I don’t know many yoga moves. This was HOURS of fun for her! It was so easy for her to understand and use on her own.”)

The Alex Active Yoga Activity Blocks are now $15, or 25 percent off the normal price.