This Kindle for Kids, Now on Sale, Can Hold More Than 1,000 Books

A Kindle Kids Edition, showing a page from Harry Potter.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Amazon.

Why you don’t have this yet: You weren’t sure your kids really needed another screen in their lives.

Why you want this: While you may not have given much thought to kids’ e-readers before, they are a great option for keeping your child well stocked with material. In addition to the device itself, the Kindle Kids Edition includes one free year of access to popular kids’ book series like Fancy Nancy and Harry Potter as well as classics like The Hobbit and Mary Poppins, and over 1,000 titles from Audible. And as for the allure of yet another device, don’t worry: The Kindle Kids is truly designed for reading and incorporates no games or videos, minimizing distractions.

What the experts say: Sascha Segan at PCMag calls the Kindle Kids Edition the best value of all the Kindles, noting that it is really a bundle of hardware and services that breaks down to a base-model Kindle with no ads, a cute case, and a two-year warranty. That being said, Segan also points to the features that make this model especially kid-friendly, including the ability to click in-text for dictionary definitions and the option to plug into a parental dashboard.

What the people say: Plenty of storage. (“I love that my 10 yr old loves to read, but she was reading faster than I could buy books for her!! I don’t want her on the internet so this is perfect. I set parental controls so she can’t download books rated for higher than 12 yr olds and she can’t purchase anything. She LOVES this kids Kindle and so do I. She now has 154 books to read before I have to worry about getting more and those books only used 1GB of her 6GB.)

The Kindle Kids Edition is now $80, or 27 percent off the normal price.