The View From Quarantine

Slate readers from across the world share photos from their windows.

A warm living room with a view of trees and mountains.
Amy, San Diego

Last week, we asked you to send us the view from your window. The request, inspired by an old feature from Andrew Sullivan’s blog and a Matteo Pericoli book, aimed to help us all do a little traveling at a time when most of our lives have shrunk to the few blocks between the grocery, the park, or wherever else you may wander.

We received nearly 300 photos from readers across the world, and we’re envious of the many of you with gorgeous views, vibrant house plants and gardens, and abundant wildlife. And a lot of cats! Thanks to everyone who shared. We hope these photos help you escape and plan for when we’ll all be able to take in new views once again.

View of majestic mountains.
Christopher, Juneau, Alaska
Succulent plants in a sunny window.
Claire, Brooklyn
View from an apartment patio onto apartment buildings nearby.
Sian, London
A cat enjoys a nap in front of a view of a lush garden.
Danielle, St. Petersburg, Florida
A silhouette of a person created by a sunlit window.
Julie, Paris
Bright sunshine over a lawn into a home window.
Don, Santa Rosa, California
A skyline of tan buildings.
Amy, Amman, Jordan
Laptop on a terrace with many floral plants.
Elizabeth, Mexico City
View of a lush backyard from a kitchen window.
Vicki, Venice, California
Plants in front of a sunny window.
Shmee, Miami
Young child looking out of window at an animal in the distance.
Adrienne, Wasilla, Alaska
Social distance view of window from the outside.
Guy, Montclair, New Jersey
Golden sky seen from kitchen window.
Graham, Campbell River, British Columbia
Evening light over Pacific Ocean.
Kathleen, Sausalito, California
Plants in front of a sunny window.
Samantha, Minneapolis
Ceramics in front of a sunny window.
Lisa, Portland, Oregon
Two cats looking out a window.
Mary, Kent, Washington
View of sunset over hills of San Francisco.
Jen, San Francisco
View from glass desk with laptop of a tree.
Douglas, Portland, Oregon
View of a lagoon at dusk.
Susan, Rural Rogers County, Oklahoma
View from a stained glass window.
Nathan, Pittsburgh
View from an artist's desk.
Jean, New Bern, North Carolina
Two dogs on a porch overlooking mountains at sunset.
Stephen, Tucson, Arizona*
A dog on an terrace.
YeSeul, Treviso, Italy
Two birds congregating on a pink building.
Madhulika, New Delhi, India
A pale squirrel having a snack visible through a vignette of flowers.
David, Dayton, Ohio
A farm field covered in snow.
Bruce, Walnut Grove, Minnesota
A backyard covered in snow with a string of lights hanging from a tree.
Garth, Chicago
A vibrant sunset seen from a tall building
Angélica, Melbourne, Australia
A window screen over a view of suburban backyards and homes
Kath, Hamtramck, Michigan
A rainbow over a wet street
Ted, San Francisco
A sunset over a field with trees
Jared, Washington, Illinois

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Correction, March 31, 2020: This post originally misspelled Tucson.