Forget Wasteful Dryer Sheets. These All-Natural, Reusable Dryer Balls Are Now on Sale.

A pile of dryer balls.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Amazon.

Why you don’t have this yet: You hadn’t realized there was a way to optimize everything, including drying your clothes.

Why you want this: In our general effort to reduce consumer waste, transitioning from dryer sheets to reusable dryer balls seems like a logical move. In addition to replacing a disposable alternative, Smart Sheep Dryer Balls are free of chemicals and synthetics and claim to improve air flow in the dryer to reduce drying time.

What the experts say: Bustle named the Smart Sheep balls “the best starter set.” They write that this 100 percent natural wool option lasts for 1,000 loads, making them a long-term replacement for dryer sheets. Furthermore, they are slightly larger than tennis balls, so they’re less likely to get caught in garments.

What the people say: Cut down on drying time. (“These little gems are excellent! I wish I’d bought them sooner. They literally cut the drying time of my laundry in half. I use them with absolutely every dryer load and finish my laundry in record time.”)

Will attract pet hair. (“An added and unexpected bonus is that these wool balls attract dog hair away from my clothing! On any given day, I have a minimum of 4 Samoyeds (very hairy white dogs) and 2 white-ish cats who are all dead set on depositing as much fur on my clothing as possible. So I know about hairy clothes! They don’t leave my laundry fur-free, but there is a noticeable reduction since I started using them.”)

The Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls are now $14, or 52 percent off the regular price.