Great Audio Doesn’t Have to Cost You an Ear

Just try Anker’s Soundcore Life Q10 headphones, now $30.

Anker Q10 headphones displayed against an orange background.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Anker/Amazon.

Why you want this: Anker has already won over deal-loving electronics fiends with its moderately priced, high-quality charging accessories. Now, people are turning to Anker’s audio brand Soundcore for inexpensive headphone options. The top models from Bose and Sony will set you back somewhere between $150 to $350, while Anker’s Soundcore Life Q10 offers good sound quality and long battery life for $30.

What the experts say: CNET calls these headphones “the best budget over-the-ear headphone deal of 2020” (with the caveat that 2020 is still young). Rich Broida writes: “I listened to a ton of different music, all streamed from Spotify, and it all sounded terrific. Good range, well balanced overall.” He adds that the bonus for this model is the 18-month warranty, which is better than what you get from the more-expensive, established headphone brands.

What the people say: Excellent battery life. (“By far the biggest selling point though is the battery life. They really do last 60 hours; I’ve gone over a week using them for 4–6 hours a day and they’re still over 50% battery remaining. Add the USB-C quick charging and these are fantastic headphones.”)

Good connectivity. (“The bluetooth connection is very solid and never drops. Switching between my phone and tablet is effortless and it remembers the last device it was connected to.”)

The Anker Soundcore Life Q10 headphones are now $30, or 25 percent off the regular price.