In Uncertain Times, This Powerful, Affordable Flashlight Will Light Your Way

A black flashlight with a tassel silhouetted on an orange background.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Anker.

Why you want this: The last time you bought a flashlight may have been for a summer camping trip, but flashlights are also handy tools to keep around the house. Reviewers suggested uses including dog walks, emergency kits, and outdoor exploring.

What the experts say: Popular Mechanics named the Anker Bolder LC90 one of their best flashlights for everyday use. They write, “The Bolder LC90 is at the pricier end of its line, but it’s bright enough to shine a beam up to 660 feet and has a battery that can be directly juiced via USB rather than with a separate charger, so you can even quickly power it with your laptop if necessary.”

What the people say: Long-lasting battery. (“[I’ve] had the flashlight just a couple of days and did a full cycle charge on the battery and ran a time test on the brightest setting, I ran the test twice using the [supplied] battery with a fresh charge each time. This incredible torch provided over 4 hours of [continuous] run time on the high setting both times, I was amazed.”)

Useful settings. (“Adjustable beam width is really handy, especially with the quick forward and backward movement of the lens. For night time walking, tend to use a narrower beam for walking on the sidewalk and wide beam for trails.”)

The Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 is now $23, or 23 percent off the regular price.