Give Wireless Charging a Try with This Affordable Stand, Now on Sale

Anker wireless charger PowerWave stand.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Amazon.

Why you don’t have this yet: You’re making do with a messy lightning cord situation.

Why you want this: The most common use for the PowerWave seems to be bedside charging. Despite our best efforts at unplugging, we inevitably want our phones near us when we sleep, and this often results in sub-optimal cord configurations. This charger is optimized for nightstands: Since it holds your phone up, you can check messages and calls without needing to constantly pick it up. It also supports horizontal charging so you can watch videos.

What the experts say: Wirecutter named the PowerWave their budget pick for the best Qi wireless charger. They highlight that this model is about value rather than speed, so it won’t give your phone the fastest possible charge, but offers a good option for overnight charging. They add that buying from a reputable brand like Anker means that you likely won’t have to deal with customer service, but if you do, it should be quick and painless. (Note: Wirecutter reviewed the version of the PowerWave that preceded this one, which provides iPhones with a 5W rather than 7.5W charge.)

What the people say: Convenient access. (“I can now rest my phone with the case in this charging cradle on my nightstand. When I receive a text or message, I can simply look over and see the screen without fumbling for the phone. If I need to respond, I can just grab it without being tethered to a cord, which is very convenient.”)

Works better than charging pads. (“I had a flat charger that you laid the phone on top of but if it wasn’t in just the right spot it wouldn’t charge, and it always slid off the charger. This thing holds it in place, and I never have to worry about it not charging.”)

The Anker PowerWave Wireless Charge Stand is now $15, or 32 percent off the regular price.

Anker PowerWave Wireless Charge Stand

Note: This model doesn’t come with an AC adapter, but you can use it with a USB wall charger.