The Battery in These Wireless Sony Headphones Lasts Forever, but This Deal Won’t

Sony headphones.
Photo illustration by Slate

Why you want this: There aren’t too many wireless on-ear headphones you can find under $50. Though this model doesn’t have any fancy features, it does a stellar job of performing all the basic features you’d want from your headphones: great sound quality and battery life, and simple setup.

What the experts say: SoundGuys call the Sony WH-CH510 “reasonably priced on-ear headphones packed to the gills with useful features.” They note that the battery lasts 35 hours, but the headphones also have a quick charge feature in which 10 minutes of charging allow for 90 minutes of use. They also describe the headphones’ swiveling hinges, allowing the headphones to lie flat when you’re not using them.


What the people say: The battery life is even better than advertised. (“The battery is phenomenal. Sony states 35 hours, but honestly it can go almost two weeks (3-4 hours a day) without charging. An A+ in this field.”)


They are intuitive. (“The controls are very easy to operate and pairing was a breeze. All I had to do is turn them on and they paired to my device immediately.”)

The Sony WH-CH510 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are now $38, or 37 percent off the normal price.

 Sony WH-CH510