Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence Uncensored: The Roommates’ Mom

Every week, Danny Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe discuss a Prudie letter. This week: the roommates’ mom.

Danny: I’m going to (perhaps unsurprisingly) advocate for a “don’t bother trying to have another conversation about this, just save your energy” approach

you’ll be out of here in what, three months at the outside? these kids are getting free rent and/or free housecleaning and didn’t seem to care the first time you brought it up?

Nicole: Yeah, totally.

Three months! Wait it out.

Danny: like, these kids are PERFECTLY happy to deal with an invasion of privacy because they get all the other stuff they want

Nicole: Also, you can mute her texts.

Danny: DEFINITELY mute them

Nicole: She can complain alllll she wants

Danny: if she walks in unannounced, go take yourself on a walk to look for other apartments or to buy ice cream or whatever

Nicole: This is also just … roommates

we all go through this

if you’re lucky, it’s a brief phase of your life

but it almost always sucks

and you learn a lot

Danny: also, lock your door if you’re gonna leave the house while she’s there and you don’t want her cleaning your room for you/going through your stuff

Nicole: YUP

Danny: also, what is this woman’s long-term plan here?

She comes over to her adult kids’ apartment and cleans it every week on-demand?

Nicole: She is not willing to move to the next phase of her dcidfdncd


Which is not, like, Carousel from Logan’s Run


a nice shawl

Danny: go see a movie

Nicole: some bangle bracelets

Danny: ultra marathoning

Nicole: Start watching Grace and Frankie

Danny: but yeah you want to do “adult stuff” and your housemates want their parents to take care of everything and are happy to sacrifice privacy for that

Nicole: They see no problem

Danny: they are making a bad deal and yours is the path of righteousness and i hope you find a great new apartment this week

Nicole: It’s not a problem for them



Danny: but i just don’t see you getting anywhere with them over it, so don’t waste your breath

short-term roommate conflict is a GREAT opportunity to just let stuff go

Nicole: So true

Good practice for life

Danny: i look forward to hearing from all of their future housemates one day

Nicole: Shit yes

Danny: they will keep me employed for years to come!