Track All Your Trips on This Handsome Scratch-Off Map, Now Just $10

Scratch-off map set with arrows and circles drawn upon it
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by W Wanderlust Maps.

Why you want this: If you’re like me, you often end up talking about your travels while making small talk. However, since I don’t have any system of recording my trips, I sometimes find myself foundering in conversation and getting caught in mental calculations: Where is the farthest east I’ve been? When was the last time I traveled domestically? Have I been to central Europe?

Wanderlust Maps has come up with an elegant solution for recording where you’ve roamed. Its maps are printed over with a layer of gold foil that you can scratch to reveal countries you’ve visited, gradually creating a poster that reflects your travel experiences. Beyond its personal utility, the map is also designed to be hung on the wall so you can have a visual aid when entertaining guests (or just a pleasant reminder when you’re reminiscing alone). The map possesses special features that gamify the process further, such as world flags to scratch off beneath the map and stickers to mark what qualities you enjoyed about each place.

What the people say: Good for display. (“Loved the fact that these maps are of the perfect size so as to be included as a part of the wall decor in your living room.”)

A good gift for families. (“This is a beautiful map that makes an excellent gift for a traveller or for your family. The outer coating of the states and countries is easy to scratch off with the provided tool or a coin, and the colors are nice and bright underneath.”)

Scratch-off map
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by W Wanderlust Maps.