Forget Aesthetics and Live Carefree With an OtterBox Phone Case, Now Up to 70 Percent Off

OtterBox phone cases.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by OtterBox.

Why you don’t have this yet? As phones get both sleeker and lighter, it becomes increasingly tempting to embrace their futuristic silhouettes and balk at ensconcing them in silicone and rubber. But this is a mistake! Take a look around at the number of people you see flicking away at cracked screens, and make the decision to live a safer, happier life.

Why you want this: The OtterBox Defender Series takes phone safety to the next level with both a polycarbonate inner shell and silicone outer shell, as well as a screen protector. Beyond just literal swaddling, the cases possess special design elements such as shock-absorbing corners, protection for your camera lens, and port covers to keep dirt and grime out of your phone. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including some camouflage variations for those who really want to align with the brand’s rugged reputation.

What the experts say: CNN Underscored writes of the Defender series: “While OtterBox cases aren’t certified by military-grade testing, the company does put its phone cases through similar testing methods to make sure the devices are up to snuff. That includes a minimum of 238 hours of testing in 24 key areas like UV, abrasion, drop, sweat, and extreme temperature testing.”

What the people say: Excellent protection. (“I absolutely love these Otter Box Defender cases! I had one for my iPhone 5S and I now have one for my iPhone 8. I do tend to drop my phone often and I am lucky to report that it has always bounced—even on the pavement in a parking lot!”)

The OtterBox Defender Series cases are on sale ranging from $19–$35, with discounts ranging from 42 to 70 percent off normal prices. (Price and discount are dependent on phone model and case design.)

OtterBox Defender Series.