Close That “Cheap Plumber” Search Tab! The Perfect Tool for Unclogging Your Drain Is Just $5.

Omont Drain Cleaner
Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Omont and Jummie/iStock/Getty Images Plus.

As someone who is not handy but hates asking for help, I’m excited anytime I can find a doodad that allows me to fix something in my apartment myself. My most challenging domestic battle to date has been with clogged drains. Living with long-haired roommates, my bathroom sink is inevitably slow to drain, and I’d tried a variety of drain cleaners, organic and toxic, but always ended up calling my poor, beleaguered super to the rescue.

Then, a year ago, I came across the Omont Drain Snake on Amazon. It’s a single-use, idiot-proof version of the industrial snakes a plumber or handyman would use. This version is a 20-inch strip of sturdy but bendable plastic studded with teeth for catching hair, food, and whatever else you need to excavate. The tool also comes with a handle that makes it easy to manipulate the snake in and out of your drain.

Now, I warn you: This tool is not for the faint-of-heart. As soon as you start pushing and pulling it out of your drain, you begin encountering globs of all the flotsam and jetsam you thought you had rinsed away on a day-to-day basis. However, after a few minutes of courageous fishing around, my drain was back to new, and I had safely dispensed with the offending mass.

An Amazon reviewer put it best: “I’m thoroughly disgusted and equally impressed by how easy and effective these little tools were.”

Omont Drain Snake