Roll Into Fall With This Hyper-Realistic Burrito Blanket, Now at a Quesadilla Price

A blanket that looks like a tortilla.
Photo illustration by Slate.

Why you want this: Yeah, on the face of it, the Jorbest burrito blanket is a case of want and not need. But according to many reviewers, the blanket quickly became a staple in their lives and led them to consider further purchases from the brand.

Unlike some of the other burrito blankets on the market, the Jorbest model is by all accounts not only funny but also a quality item. Lots of novelty bedding is made from sticky artificial fabrics, but this blanket consists simply of ultrasoft flannel and environmentally friendly dyes. Plus, the design is not a mere gesture toward the appearance of a tortilla but a genuine trompe l’oeil effect. It comes in eight different phases of cooked tortilla (all of which appear to be flour; sorry, corn fans!), but range from just-out-of-the-bag to thoroughly grilled. Even in detail shots, the designers perfectly mimic the splotchy, peeling burn mark of a tortilla after its dance with the griddle.

What the people say: It’s extremely soft. (“It’s very large and spacious, super soft and light weight right out of the package. I thought washing it would render the material less soft and comfy, but it’s still just as soft as before if not even better.”)

It’s seasonally versatile. (“It is not too thick that [my son] can’t use it in this Texas heat, but not too thin that he can’t use it year round.”)

It’s good for escaping responsibility. (“Bought this for my wife, as soon as she opened it she wrapped herself up, laid down on the couch, and declared burritos don’t do housework then she watched [Chopped] and took a nap.”)

The Jorbest burrito blanket (71 inches) is now $14, or 43 percent off the normal price.

(Note: This deal is specifically for the 71-inch blanket in yellow. Prices on the different sizes and designs of the blanket vary.)

burrito blanket
Photo illustration by Slate