Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence Uncensored: The Job Proposal

Every week, Danny Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe discuss a Prudie letter. This week: the job proposal.

Nicole: SCAAAB


aren’t all kids communists??

Nicole: (With kids now but am prepared to dunk happily later!)

Danny: sorry i’ll let you do kid stuff now, we can come back later

Nicole: I’m FIRED UP, leave it in the chat but yes

Danny: nice to know there’s a fresh crop of bootlickers with every generation

Nicole: JEEZ, wow.

“Working over the weekend”

Danny: I almost want to encourage her to float the proposal

just to imagine the look on her managers’ face

Nicole: “Fire these non-producers, these triflers”

“With their frittering online”

Danny: “Hey, you should reduce your entire department to one, thereby rendering your own job sort-of irrelevant too”

Nicole: Guess what! A of all; not happening. B of all: you’ll do 4x the work for maybe an extra five bucks an hour!

Danny: for a job you don’t even plan on keeping

Nicole: and just … do your work; ask for more if you are bored?

This is not your business!

Nicole: ughhhh this PERSON

these are their LIVELIHOODS

Danny: and the ageism and sexism of calling them all “ladies” repeatedly while casually contemplating getting them all fired

Nicole: like that means NOTHING to you!

Danny: I get that you’re young, but this is a really worrying combination of foolishness, cruelty, unnecessary snooping, and bad judgment; this is a great way to make sure you burn bridges and engender mistrust with your colleagues and I don’t want that for you.

Nicole: What a good lesson to learn early on

Danny: And like, worst-case scenario, if you worked at the kind of place that WOULD accept your proposal, you would be working for evil idiots who create four unnecessary positions for a single employee’s worth of work, then fail to realize they’ve done so until an unscrupulous recent hire encourages them to fire the rest of the department.

Nicole: Right

Danny: this is something Pete Campbell would try to do and then get yelled at for forty-five minutes by Roger or somebody

Nicole: lollllll

Danny: this is extremely Not-Joan of you