The Spray That Stretched My Too Small Stilettos Half a Size

It uses diluted alcohol to soften the stiff fibers in new shoes, allowing you to loosen them up using your own feet.

Foot Matters Shoe Stretch Spray

I have wide feet that are slightly different sizes (as most people do, even if they don’t know it). I also don’t wear flats, so the joy of buying shoes has always been tempered by the dread of breaking them in. Until recently, I simply accepted that my first couple of experiences with most footwear would end with blisters, numb toes, pain, and/or, on a few occasions, dirty feet from giving up and going barefoot for the final stretch.

Last month, I impulse-ordered some almost comically impractical heels that turned out to be so tight and generally uncomfortable that I decided to return them, only to realize that they were final sale. In an effort to begin what I expected to be a particularly miserable breaking-in process, I wore the shoes to meet a friend for dinner in my neighborhood. When I explained why I was hobbling, she said, “Oh, you just need that stretching stuff.” For those who, like me, were not aware: That stretching stuff is a spray that uses diluted alcohol to soften the stiff fibers in new shoes, allowing you to loosen them up using your own feet or, if necessary, a wooden shoe tree. The shoes I used it on are made of leather, but it’s made to work on suede, canvas, and linen, as well.

The instructions on the bottle said to “spray heavily,” so I completely soaked the interior of the shoes. Then I put them on and clunked around outside for 15 minutes or so, pausing periodically to flex my feet as much as possible (two people stopped to ask if I was alright). After letting the shoes dry out, I repeated the process. When I put them on later that day, they fit perfectly.

I didn’t measure the shoes, but I’d say they certainly felt stretched at least half a size. After my experiment, I wore them out for a night that required a mile of walking and at least an hour of dancing — and arrived home with nothing more than the little bit of pinching that results from any extended period of time in four-inch stilettos. Now, I’m planning to use the spray on all my too tight left shoes, from black pumps to some of my newly acquired winter boots.

Foot Matters Shoe Stretch Spray

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