The Philadelphia Sex Dungeon House Is Off the Market

A well-lit basement room features animal skin rugs on the ground, a four poster bed, a wall-hanging with whips and various other BDSM equipment.
This suburban Philadelphia playroom can no longer be yours. Melissa Leonard/Coldwell Banker

It’s a sad day for Philly-area Christian Grey wannabes: The “50 Shades of Maple Glen” house that took the internet by storm six months ago is officially off the market. The spacious brick colonial boasted five bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, and an extremely strange island vanity, but it was the “sexual oasis” in the basement that had eyes popping. And though the listing—with its photos of a decked-out playroom that included a sex swing, whips, and a bed with pillories—went viral, racking up 1 million views according to Realtor Melissa Leonard, it wasn’t enough to sell the house. Or even prompt an offer that the couple who owned the house were willing to accept, according to PhillyVoice’s Brian Hickey.


With an inflated asking price of $750,000 (Redfin estimates that the house is worth $683,000) it’s not entirely surprising. The sellers “didn’t want to reduce the price,” Leonard told me over the phone. “And I wasn’t going to be able to sell it unless they reduced the price. I’m always disappointed when I lose a sale, but I understand that the Airbnb business was doing better.” The flashy listing was definitely an advertising tactic—and not to sell the house. As one of the owners told PhillyVoice, “It was a proof of concept to see if there was a market” for the couple’s “MaisonXS” business. The verdict? “F–k yeah, there’s a market for it.” The measure of that market is the current rate for their “judgement free zone”: a very reasonable $950 a night.

In fact, MaisonXS is doing so well that the home’s owners are now planning on relocating the business to an entirely different home that they don’t actually live in. Before that, though, they’re hosting a private party on Aug. 24 that was announced in a YouTube video that has now been removed for violating the website’s policy on sexual content. Leonard, who’s been invited, might even drop in: “I have a lot of people who want to go to see what it’s all about.”