If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It a Tub (or 10) of This Sunscreen

The scentless formula absorbs super quickly, without having to rub or excessively pat the product into the skin.

bottle of Supergoop sunscreen

If you (somehow) hadn’t heard, Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale is upon us. On-sale makeup and beauty items abound, which is wonderful and stressful all at once. Since so many of my colleagues here at the Strategist are writing helpful odes to the thing they think is most worth buying on this auspicious cyber holiday, I decided to do the same. And after careful consideration, I landed on my No. 1 draft pick: Supergoop’s Everyday SunscreenBut wait! You might be saying to yourself. What about your beloved Purito Centella SPF? It is true: when it comes to keeping my zits at bay and soothing my temperamental, eczema-prone skin, there is no sunscreen I love more than my Purito. But hear me out.

My Purito sunscreen is reserved exclusively for my face — both because I don’t want to waste even a single drop of the stuff elsewhere, and because its faint lavender scent, which doesn’t bother me in small quantities, can be quite overwhelming if used all over the body. Which is why I always, always keep a tube of Supergoop’s Everyday SPF on hand. The scentless formula absorbs super quickly, without having to rub or excessively pat the product into the skin. Also, it’s water and sweat resistant, so I never feel like the product is melting and slipping off of me, even in high-temperature situations.

In case you got the impression that the Everyday Sunscreen is not good for the face, let me correct you: it is a truly wonderful facial sunscreen. While it doesn’t actively block zits, like the Purito, it has never once caused me to break out. It is infused with rosemary leaf extract which is high in antioxidants and works as an anti-inflammatory, and sunflower extract, which helps protect skin from environmental stressors.

Generally, I use a combination of the two products. Every morning (year round), I apply my Purito on my bare face, then lather my body in Supergoop’s Everyday SPF. Then I pack my Everyday in my bag to use for touch-ups on my body and face throughout the day — before I run out for an errand, for instance, or if I decide to go crazy and sit outside for lunch. And since it’s not especially cheap — $32 for a 7.5 ounce tube — it’s the perfect thing to stock up on heavily while it’s on sale.

Editor’s Note: The 7.5 ounce tube sold out, but the 2.4-ounce version is still in-stock and on-sale.

Supergoop! Everyday SPF 50 Sunscreen For Face and Body