These Beats Headphones (Perfect for the Uninitiated) Are Now $70

Beats headphones.
Photo illustration by Slate.

Why don’t you have this yet? Maybe I’m not enough of a serious audiophile to pull off real headphones …

Why you want this: If it might be time to throw away your ratty earbuds and make the transition to on-ear headphones, this pair is a great place to start. Beats as a company is perhaps best known for its upscale styles and celebrity endorsements, but tech reviewers agree that this affordable model is a surprisingly good product for the price. Beats headphones usually run in the $150–$200 range, and though this pair is missing some of the frills (it doesn’t fold and only has a wired connection), it doesn’t make significant compromises on sound or comfort either.

What the experts say: CNET writes that the Beats EP, reinforced with stainless steel, is sturdy and comfortable with a useful in-line microphone for calls. The site praises the headphones’ clean and open sound and sparkly treble detail.

What the people say: They agree that the sound is good. (“The bass is still strong but not overwhelming, and the treble and clarity is much improved and the headphones sound FAR better than the older Beats.”) Although they are not explicitly noise-canceling, they muffle noise well.* (“Great sound and great noise canceling (anyone talking to you sounds like they are whispering). I use them at work for webinars and for listening to music.”)

The deal: The Beats EP On-Ear Headphones are $70, or 46 percent off the normal price.

Beats EP On-Ear Headphones

Update, July 26, 2019: This post has been updated to clarify that the EP headphones do not offer an explicit noise-canceling feature.